Do I need an appointment?
Cheltenham Wigs is run on an appointment basis. Please call 07414702762 OR email

What is monofilament?
Monofilament is a material used at the top inside of the wig. This gives it a maturation look and is softer on the head. It comes in single or double. Can be worn with a wig cap or without. My preference, always a wig cap.

What is wefted?
Wefted is a basic man-made machine cap where the hair is wefted, which allows the hair to breathe due to the nature of its construction. It is machine sewn on strips.

What is hand-tied?
Hand tied is a wig that is finer and flexible. It's woven by hand and has a flatter weave and is a lightweight solution for a wig.

What is lace-fronted?
Lace-fronted wigs create a look of natural hair growth at the front of the face. Most are ready to wear and are usually worn away from the face. The lace wig comes with lace that needs to be trimmed back as close to the wig hairline.

Will I need my wig cut?
Fortunately, the majority of wigs do not need cutting, however there are some that do and there is normally a charge for doing so – expect to pay between £20 and £50. It seems expensive on top of the price of a wig, so to avoid extra coface shape and suit your face, skin colouring and eyes.

WIG BANK 2019/2020
Excepting donated wigs to help the poor suffering from cancer patients in Brazil. Check out my Facebook page. Thank you.