Cheltenham Wigs is able to advise on the type of wigs available to you and the correct wig base to meet your requirements. Brands we stock include Rene of Paris, Henry Magru,Dimples, Revlon, Ellen Wille, Noriko, Hairware, Revlon, Bobbi Boss wigs, Anabelles wigs and many more.

Wig types

Synthetic hair wigs

Our synthetic hair wigs are made from excellent quality fibre hair. Modern technology is now able to produce superb-quality synthetic wigs with realistic results. Synthetic wigs are less expensive and easier to maintain. All Cheltenham wigs come in basic wig caps, monotop caps, lace fronted and hand tied.

Real Hair Wigs

Real hair wigs are made from a variety of hair – European, Asian and South American. 100% human hair wigs are more expensive to buy and aren't as practical as fibre or synthetic wigs for clients going through chemotherapy this is because the wig will require a little more tender loving care with washing and styling and a bit more time to dry naturally.However, if you plan to blow dry then that is quick and easy with a maximum heat of 140c .Perfect for clients suffer from alopecia or suffer from a long term hair loss.

My Wig Bank 

Cheltenham Wigs' bank collects wigs for the very poor in Brazil. If you have a wig/wigs that you no longer need or use please donate to Cheltenham Wigs on 07414 702762. The donated wigs are taken by myself to House of Love set up by nuns which accommodates cancer patients and their families providing support. Please view my Facebook page for photographs of my visit.

















you have a wig that you no longer use feel free to donate to a

wonderful cause in Brazil at the House of Love which is a residence where cancer patients and family members rest whilst going through treatment.


MWade-to-measure wigs

Made-to-measure wigs are an excellent option for clients suffering from long-term hair loss, where hair growth is halted and sometimes unlikely to grow back.